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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

Want to organise your storage unit? Then, you need to explore the tips and ideas in my blog. Hi, my name is Holly, and I have three boys. The older two are virtually the same size, but their younger brother is six and eight years younger than them respectively. I enjoy passing clothes between the boys, but I don't have room in my home to store them for five or more years. Because of that. I keep a storage locker where I can store clothes that currently don't fit any of the kids as well as holiday decorations, keepsakes and other items, However, organisation is key to this space running successfully, and now, I want to share those tips with you. Enjoy reading!

Four Tips for Keeping the Dust Off Your Clothing While It Is in Self Storage

If you are putting a bunch of clothing in self storage, you don't want to find your clothes full of dust when you finally retrieve them. Luckily, there are a range of ways to keep your clothing dust free while it's in storage. Take a look at these tips:

1. Remove dust before packing your clothes.

Sadly, most closets harbour a lot of dust. The fibres in some clothing can flake off and migrate to other pieces of clothing in your closet. Additionally, if your closet floor is full of shoes, that area may not get vacuumed as often as the rest of your home, and that also increases the amount of dust in your closet.

Before packing clothes from your potentially dusty closet, make sure to remove any dust that is on them. In most cases, you simply need to go over items with a lint brush. However, you should also consider dry cleaning any coats, suits or other items you haven't worn in a while.

2. Use plastic to thwart dust.

Unfortunately, if you pack your clothing in cardboard boxes, the boxes may let dust into them. This happens because cardboard is relatively porous, and there may be cracks or openings along the flaps where you have closed the boxes.

Instead of using cardboard boxes, put your clothing in plastic tubs with tight lids to keep out dust. In lieu of that, place your clothing in plastic garbage bags, and then pack them in cardboard boxes.

3. Choose a self storage locker that isn't likely to encounter a lot of dust.

The self storage locker you choose can also affect the amount of dust that comes into contact with your clothing when it's in storage. If possible, choose a storage unit that is accessed from inside, and look at the hallways between the storage lockers -- are they dusty or well vacuumed and swept? Ideally, you want the latter.

If you are using storage lockers that are like large garages and accessed from the outside, choose a spot that is not near a lot of traffic. If cars are going to be regularly driving past your unit so that their drivers can access other storage units, that can kick up a lot of dust.

4. Dust the storage unit before placing your items in it.

Before placing your boxes of clothing into the self storage unit, take a few moments to remove any dust that you find there. In most cases, you can remove dust easily by sweeping the locker and wiping down any horizontal surfaces (shelves, window frames, etc.).