Most Effective Storage Organisation TacticsMost Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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How to Get the Best Self-Storage Unit Prices

Self-storage prices vary so much that it may be hard for someone to get the most ideal storage unit for his or her needs without spending more than he or she had budgeted. This article discusses some tips that you can use to get your dream self-storage unit at an affordable cost.

Know When to Book the Unit

Different locations have different peak seasons for self-storage facilities. For instance, prices of self-storage units may go up at a time when students are about to go on holiday. This is because the students increase the demand for those units as they avoid leaving their property in the campus storage facilities. It is therefore important for you to book a storage facility before the peak season for self-storage in your area of interest. This will ensure that you rent the facility at an affordable rate when compared with someone who rents a similar unit when demand for self-storage space is at its highest level.

Explore Different Unit Placements

Another way that you can use to get the best self-storage prices is to be open about the location of your unit within the self-storage facility. For instance, a self-storage unit on the ground floor may be more expensive than a similar storage unit on an upper floor is. The key question that you should ask yourself is whether you need a unit that can be accessed by a moving truck, or you can use dollies to haul your property to a unit that is not accessible by a moving truck. Such a careful consideration of your accessibility needs may help you to rent a more affordable unit.

Be Vigilant on Unit Sizes

It may be easy for a layperson to either underestimate or overestimate the size of the self-storage unit that he or she needs for his or her property. Either scenario can lead you to pay a higher price for the unit or units. For instance, you may spend more money on an oversized unit that you may end up under utilising. Conversely, you may end up making a last minute decision to rent an extra unit in case the one you booked turns out to be inadequate for your needs. This decision may be prompted by the lack of a bigger unit to which you can transfer your belongings. It is therefore advisable for you to consult storage experts so that you get an accurate estimate of the size of the unit that you need. This will save you from paying for a bigger unit than you actually need.

Use the suggestions above to get the best self-storage prices for a unit that meets your needs.