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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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Storing Hardwood Furniture: A Guide

Because hardwood is susceptible to scratches, mould and moisture damage, you will not be able to simply load it into a storage unit and forget about it. If you are thinking about a self-storage solution for hardwood furniture, there are a number of things you should consider doing beforehand. Below are 3 things you should do when storing hardwood furniture for an extended period of time.

Treat and polish the wood

You should treat the wood by applying a specially-formulated hardwood treatment. You should be able to pick up a tin of this from your local hardware store. The treatment will help to protect your hardwood furniture from pests, which will greatly decrease the chances that you will discover it full of holes when you remove it from storage. The treatment will also help to strengthen the wood and prevent cracks. Polishing the wood will help to form a seal which will ensure the wood retains some moisture and does not dry out.

Rent a climate-controlled self storage unit

Fluctuations in temperature can cause your hardwood furniture to expand and contract. As time passes, this constant movement within the wood can compromise its structural integrity. You should rent a climate-controlled self-storage unit. This will help to ensure that your hardwood furniture is kept an appropriate and steady temperature during the storage period. A climate controlled storage unit should also have a dehumidifier. This will remove moisture from the air within the storage unit. If your hardwood furniture is stored in a moist environment, it can cause the wood to expand, damaging the furniture. Moist environments also provide the perfect breeding ground for mildew and mould, which can also stain and damage your hardwood furniture.

Cover your furniture

While most people will cover their furniture before they put it into a self-storage unit, many will make the mistake of using plastic sheeting. Because plastic cannot breathe, the act of allowing air and moisture to escape, it can collect condensation that will eventually drip onto your hardwood furniture. This will cause the wood to swell and warp as it absorbs the moisture. You should instead use a large cloth sheet to cover your hardwood furniture. Cloth sheets will allow for the movement of air and prevent the buildup of moisture while also protecting your hardwood furniture from dust.

If you have any questions about storing hardwood furniture, you should contact a self-storage company today.