Most Effective Storage Organisation TacticsMost Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

Want to organise your storage unit? Then, you need to explore the tips and ideas in my blog. Hi, my name is Holly, and I have three boys. The older two are virtually the same size, but their younger brother is six and eight years younger than them respectively. I enjoy passing clothes between the boys, but I don't have room in my home to store them for five or more years. Because of that. I keep a storage locker where I can store clothes that currently don't fit any of the kids as well as holiday decorations, keepsakes and other items, However, organisation is key to this space running successfully, and now, I want to share those tips with you. Enjoy reading!

5 Ways to Protect Your Possessions in Mini Storage

If you're putting your favourite possessions into storage, you want to ensure they are as safe as possible. Wondering how to keep them safe? Then, take a look at these tips.

1. Look for a Safe Facility

The mini storage facility that you choose plays a big role in the safety of your possessions. Look for a place that is committed to security. For example, the main gates should be locked and only clients who have hired storage lockers should be able to get in.

Ideally, the facility should be well lit to deter thieves, and if possible, you may even want to look for a storage facility that has guards patrolling it.

2. Choose Your Lock Carefully

Many storage facilities give you padlocks or have built in locks, but others let you bring your own lock. If possible, always try to bolster the existing lock of the facility with an additional lock. If you choose a padlock, look for one that has a relatively small opening. The flusher the lock is with the door, the harder it is for a thief to get a bolt cutter in there.

3. Cover Your Possessions

If you choose a storage facility where you get a large garage-style locker, the garage door prevents potential thieves from seeing your stuff. However, some mini storage facilities give you small lockers that have grates you can see through.

If you hire that type of storage locker, make sure to hide your stuff. If people can't see that you have valuable stuff, they won't be as tempted, and they won't be as likely to break in. Pack valuable items in boxes or cover them with tarps. To create even more of a deterrent, you may want to write alternative labels on the boxes. For example instead of labelling a box "precious jewels", label it "old cuddly toys" or "coffee cups".

4. Remember the Importance of Climate Control

A thief isn't the only threat to your items. Moisture can also ruin a lot of items. To protect your stored items from condensation, mildew or other moisture-related threats, look for a self storage facility that is climate controlled.

5. Talk With Your Insurance Agent

Finally, to be completely on the safe side, contact your insurance agent. Make sure your possessions are covered whilst in storage, and double check on your excess. If your excess is more than the value of your items, your insurance is virtually worthless.