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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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Slimline Tanks Offer Flexibility in Rainwater Collection

Due to the increasing demand for rainwater storage in both rural and urban homes, slimline tanks have emerged as a top choice for collecting rainwater while keeping the home flexible and compliant with sustainability guidelines. There are many different designs that are used in slimline tanks, all offering additional space to the home in a cost-effective manner. In fact, slimline tanks can fit into tight spaces and are relatively easier to install than traditional round tanks.

Using slimline tanks can benefit your home in many different ways. Understanding these benefits can help you make a more informed decision when looking for effective rainwater storage solutions.

Save on space

As their name suggests, slimline tanks are built for space efficiency. As opposed to traditional round tanks that take up a lot of space, slimline tanks can collect just as much rainwater using a more efficient and innovative design.

They are built to be slim and tall and to fit along the side of the home. This makes them easier to install and maintain, even in tight spaces.

Aesthetic appeal

In addition to saving on space, slimline tanks are also aesthetically appealing. They come in many shapes and sizes, and homeowners can select designs that complement the exterior of their homes.

Some design features can make slimline tanks excellent space dividers, adding balance and tone to the exterior of the home. You no longer have to sacrifice on aesthetic appeal in order to collect rainwater.

Compliance with water sustainability requirements

Various local governments across Australia may set requirements for water sustainability for new and old homes. These requirements may specify having rain tanks of a certain minimum size in order to promote sustainability in both rural and urban areas.

Most local municipalities specify a minimum of 5000 litres for single detached homes, and 3000 litres for non-detached houses. Slimline tanks make your home compliant with such requirements without compromising on flexibility, usability or aesthetic appeal.

Cost effective

Slimline tanks are mostly made of raw materials such as UV-stable polyethene. This makes the tank a cost-effective solution while maintaining safer and healthier water for consumption.

With slimline tanks being popular water storage options, they have become relatively affordable to purchase. They are also easier to maintain than traditional water storage tanks, meaning that you will save more money in the long run. When considering rainwater storage solutions, pay close attention to slimline tanks.