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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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A Guide On Drive Up Self Storage Units

Drive-up storage units are a popular storage option for homes and businesses. Typically, you can drive your vehicle to the entrance of these storage units. The extract below details some interesting facts about drive-up storage units. 

How Do Drive-Up Self-Storage Units Work? 

Drive-up storage units are located on the premises of self-storage companies. Ideally, these units are spaced in such a way that vehicles can drive to the front of each unit. These units are a viable option for homeowners and businesses that need flexible and convenient storage solutions. For instance, homeowners could use the units as temporary storage when relocating or decluttering their homes. Conversely, businesses could use the units to store inventory or store old furniture. Besides, the units could serve as offsite offices. 

The Benefits of Drive-Up Self-Storage Units

The obvious benefit of drive-up storage units is accessibility. It is especially so when you intend to store bulky items such as sofas, grand pianos, and closets inside the unit. If you opt for indoor storage, you might have to dismantle these items. Moreover, the items could suffer damage as you move them in or out of the storage unit. Most drive-up storage facilities offer flexible storage options. For instance, you could opt for a large unit if you plan to store your classic car or motorbike collection inside the unit. A smaller unit could suit people who intend to use the unit to declutter their homes. For example, you might need to store old clothes and utensils inside the unit.  

Considerations When Renting Drive-Up Storage Units 

Your immediate concern would be the self-storage company that owns the units. Conduct some due diligence to establish the company's storage terms and conditions. For instance; 

  • What are the facility's operating hours? People looking for business storage could opt for a facility that runs 24/7.
  • Does the company have restrictions on what you can store in the unit? For example, some companies could prohibit you from storing your hunting gear or pest-infested furniture.
  • Besides storage, what other services does the company offer? For instance, you could need removal services from your home. Some facilities also have conference halls and offices for their clients.
  • Does the storage facility have adequate insurance? The storage company must insure your items against flooding, theft, and fires. 

Your next task is to choose a suitable storage unit. Consider highly functional units with a wide range of features. For instance, climate control protects fragile items and allows you to use the unit as an office space. The unit should also have an alarm, CCTV, and restricted access system to help deter break-ins. 

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