Most Effective Storage Organisation TacticsMost Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

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Most Effective Storage Organisation Tactics

Want to organise your storage unit? Then, you need to explore the tips and ideas in my blog. Hi, my name is Holly, and I have three boys. The older two are virtually the same size, but their younger brother is six and eight years younger than them respectively. I enjoy passing clothes between the boys, but I don't have room in my home to store them for five or more years. Because of that. I keep a storage locker where I can store clothes that currently don't fit any of the kids as well as holiday decorations, keepsakes and other items, However, organisation is key to this space running successfully, and now, I want to share those tips with you. Enjoy reading!

Storing Hardwood Furniture: A Guide

Because hardwood is susceptible to scratches, mould and moisture damage, you will not be able to simply load it into a storage unit and forget about it. If you are thinking about a self-storage solution for hardwood furniture, there are a number of things you should consider doing beforehand. Below are 3 things you should do when storing hardwood furniture for an extended period of time. Treat and polish the wood Read More 

3 Tips to Help You Get Your Cool Room Specifications Correct

Cool rooms are essential for businesses that need to hold supplies at low temperatures, such as restaurants and hotels. However, some people assume that all cold rooms are the same, so it doesn't matter how much you spend on it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Like any other investment for your business, careful thought and consideration should go into the purchase in order to ensure that you will get good service from it. Read More 

Inexpensive Building Materials to Consider for Your Storage Shed Construction

Storage sheds serve a good purpose in a home from keeping storage of your farm tools, bikes, farm produce and any other unnecessary items from the main house. Every home needs a sizeable storage shed to compliment the main house. Building a shed shouldn't be costly if you use a simple modular construction and using inexpensive materials locally sourced within your neighbourhood. The following cheap alternatives will enable you to come up with an affordable and yet good-looking modern shed. Read More 

How to Get the Best Self-Storage Unit Prices

Self-storage prices vary so much that it may be hard for someone to get the most ideal storage unit for his or her needs without spending more than he or she had budgeted. This article discusses some tips that you can use to get your dream self-storage unit at an affordable cost. Know When to Book the Unit Different locations have different peak seasons for self-storage facilities. For instance, prices of self-storage units may go up at a time when students are about to go on holiday. Read More 

4 Types of Businesses That Benefit From a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage units provide many benefits for businesses, from storing inventory and equipment, to actually using the unit for business tasks. Here are some different types of businesses that can benefit greatly from having a self-storage unit.   Construction and Landscaping Contractors If you are in any type of contracting business, whether you are a landscape architect, roofer, or construction company, you can definitely benefit from having a storage unit. With this type of business, you likely have a lot of tools and equipment that doesn't have a place. Read More